Windstorm Insurance

Wind is harmful and deadly in certain situations. Even so, it’s often hard to secure your property against its damage threats. In the right circumstances, wind could destroy your house or belongings, and devastate your life. You’ll want your property insurance to step in to protect you in such cases.

Nevertheless, windstorm insurance isn’t automatic in many property policies. Make sure you add it to your coverage if you live in an area prone to high winds.

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Common Windstorm Insurance Questions:

Understanding Wind Risks

Wind happens all the time. Often, it’s a very pleasant refreshment. However, as windspeeds increase, damage risks also rise. Strong winds could easily damage your property. Think of it this way:

· Parts of your dwelling, like your roof and walls, are durable. Still, few of these items can withstand the highest winds. Following structural damage, your home or business could become structurally unsafe. That often makes occupancy untenable.

· When structural damage occurs, it could allow debris into the home, creating further damage. Water, pests and other vermin might all invade the space.

· Wind could create projectiles and falling objects, such as flying limbs. These items could damage your property and possessions when they fall. Therefore, damage risks arise not only within a structure itself, but also from the area around that property.

In all cases, any of the above damage could become costly. To mitigate the costs, you’ll want your property insurance to step in. However, to get the most from your coverage, you’ll likely need windstorm insurance.

What is windstorm insurance?

Most property insurance policies will cover homes or businesses that sustain weather damage. In many cases, windstorm protection will fall under this umbrella. Therefore, should damage occur, turn to your property coverage as a first line of defense.

Keep in mind, however, that certain limitations might exist regarding your coverage.

Some property policies don’t automatically include windstorm protection. Therefore, you might need to add a windstorm rider to your coverage.

All property policies will come with financial limits and most will include deductibles. Work with your agent to establish appropriate value protection for your home.

Carefully review what your policy defines as windstorm damage. Policies might cover damage from hurricanes, hail, tornadoes and more. However, they might not cover damage from storm surge or flooding, which often accompanies high winds.

Windstorm coverage will not cover vehicle damage. That coverage comes from auto insurance.

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